'Wreaths Across America' travels to the State Capitol

PIERRE, S.D. For some, a big part of the holiday season is honoring those who served or are currently serving in the military.

The 'Wreaths Across America' Program made their way to the Flaming Fountain Vets Memorial on Capitol Lake to honor veterans of all wars and branches. A moment of silence started off the event in memory of fallen soldiers, those missing in action or prisoners of war, along with past and present service members.

Volunteers who place wreaths on graves are asked to complete a special favor.

"It is said that a person dies twice: the first time is when they take their final breath and the second is when someone says their name for the last time," explains Chad Osthus, President of the South Dakota Funeral Directors Association.

Bringing awareness and education to the younger generation is another important aspect to 'Wreaths Across America." Those still serving who are involved want children to know that the freedoms they enjoy today weren't always free.

"The most compelling reason we're able to take all these things for granted is through the service and sacrifice of so many men and women," says Maj. Gen. Timothy Reisch, the Adjutant General of South Dakota.

'Wreaths Across America' volunteers and chair members hope to continue their fight to bring honor, remembrance and education about military members, past and present, to everyone around the world.