Amazon and Best Buy join together to bring latest in smart home technology

Smart Home technology continues to expand, and now Amazon and Best Buy have a new television that brings the latest to your home entertainment experience.

It's a TV that will have you asking, "Hey Alexa… Find tonight's Twins game, order a pizza, and dim the lights…"

It may sound like something out of The Jetsons, but today's technology continues to change the way we relax and enjoy television.

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, more than half of Americans use digital voice assistants regularly.

New Smart TVs from Amazon and Best Buy are making the convenience of voice-activated television a reality – and that's just the beginning.

The latest Fire TV technology allows you to quickly search for, browse and watch live over-the-air TV, along with a massive library of movies and TV shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO and more. All in 4K Ultra-HD with more than 8 million pixels, and without ever having to switch inputs because you're using your voice with Alexa to do the work.

Pew's research also indicates that "a major reason" people use their assistants is because the applications allow them to interact with their devices without using their hands or even getting from the couch. Overall, 62% of users say "it's fun!" And cool.

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