Augie basketball teams ready for the new season

Longtime Augie men's basketball coach Tom Billeter likes the look of his team so far.

Junior Jack Cartwright will be one of the key players on on a young team. A lot of those young players, got a lot of experience last season.

"I feel like we're so much further ahead than last year. I actually think we're further ahead than we were the last game of last season. The retention by our players has been fantastic," said Billeter.

"Most teams you're not going to play until you're a sophomore in this league. And now all those guys that were freshman last year, they get to play in a bunch of those games. And now they have experience so they feel more comfortable going into this season," said Cartwright.

On the women's side, Dave Krauth is starting his 31st season as Augie's head coach. He lost his top two scorers in Shelby Selland and Lyndsey Prosser to graduation.

Still the Vikings will have a lot of experience back, .which includes Vishe Rabb', who was the NSIC Freshman of the Year last season.

"When I look at our returnees, we are very deep. We do have a number of kids who can play given the opportunity. I don't know if we'll have enough minutes to give everybody what they need," said Krauth.

"I've been impressed, we have a skilled team that is really talented and works hard. Going forward it's just a matter of time to see how we do," said senior Abby Hora.

This season, Augie is moving their home conference games from the Sioux Falls Arena to the Sanford Pentagon. It's a necessary step up, with an upcoming move to Division I for the program.

"Helps us recruiting a great deal because we'll call a young man in Milwaukee or Houston or Chicago and they'll always ask about that court. You know they've seen Wisconsin play St. Johns. Or they've seen the Memphis-Wichita State game. Or they've seen Oklahoma playing. They just have a good feel for it from the games they've watched on ESPN. And I think that helps us with credibility. And anything that can help with recruiting, that's a plus," said Billeter.