Brown hoping to lead the Storm to another title

He’s used to making high pressure calls from the pocket, but when it comes to what his future plans, Sioux Falls Storm quarterback Lorenzo Brown is playing it close to the vest for now.

“It’s going to be hard to give it away, give it up whenever I do because I’m a competitor, and I love to play, but when the time comes I think I’ll know it in my heart when I want do be done,” said Brown.

For more than a decade, Brown has been a familiar name for football fans in Sioux Falls. The Connecticut native ended up playing at the University of Sioux Falls in 2008 after a junior college stint in Iowa. At USF, he had to follow in the footsteps of Chad Cavender, who was the defending national player of the year who guided the Cougars to their second NAIA national title.

“I was like I don’t really care about Chad Cavender to be honest, I mean I’m going to be me and I’m going to make my own name. You know that was the bar that was set right there, was to go in and win national championships, that was my mindset,” said Brown.

In just two years, he did just that. Brown led the Cougars to two more national titles in 2008 and 2009, while also being named player of the year during his senior season.

“I think I wanted to live up to that plus make my own name, and I think I’ve been successful at doing that,” said Brown.

But the end of his college playing days, Brown wanted to still quarterback a team. The only problem was he didn’t have one and didn’t know if or when an opportunity would present itself.

It was his quarterbacks coach at USF Kurtiss Riggs that helped Brown turn that corner.

“He’s like hey when you get back to Sioux Falls I want to meet with you about possibly playing for the Storm. I just wanted to keep on playing, and this was the avenue for me,” said Brown.

Not only was Riggs also a former USF quarterback, but he also was the head coach for the Storm.

“I think the best relationship builder for us is me coaching him in college. Because being quarterbacks I think he’ll understand maybe some of the things I’m trying to get across. But I’m really hard, I’m really hard on him, and he takes it really well,” said Riggs.

Lorenzo had to wait for his turn in the IFL, Hall of Famers Terrance Bryant and Chris Dixon were ahead of him. When it was his turn though, Lorenzo shined.

“I always knew that I could play this game at this level at quarterback and I had a tough road., and I knew whenever I got my shot that I was going to capitalize on it. My name will be cemented in this organization and this league for history so I’m very grateful for that," said Brown.

Brown is the now IFL’s all-time leading scorer, but if he decides this season is his last, it will be his toughness and desire to win that will be remembered.

“It’s been a lot of games we’ve been through together, a lot of wins we’ve been through together, and some really tough losses. But we have a strong relationship, I’ve really had a great time coaching him and I’ve been pretty lucky," said Riggs.

Lorenzo Brown’s story is about skill.. and focus... and desire for the game. But it is also about the people who have helped guide him to his dream, and it starts and ends with Kurtiss Riggs.

“Definitely don’t take these moments for granted, because you can’t play football forever. It’s going to come to an end at some time and my time is almost there. I mean I’m just enjoying the ride honestly," said Brown.

The Storm face the undefeated Arizona Rattlers is the United Bowl Saturday night at 8:05.