Byrum returns home for the Sanford International

It's old home week for Tom Byrum. The Onida, South Dakota native sees a lot of familiar faces.

"Just had lunch with some guys that you know were asking me about did I know so and so back in the day when I was playing high school golf. Of course I knew most of them and ran into a girl that her grandfather and I used to play golf back in Pierre all the time. So he always talked about my brother and I. So there's a lot of stories like that it seems like, and there's probably more out there that I haven't heard yet," said Tom.

Byrum finished tied for 45th in last year's inaugural Sanford International. He comes into this year's tournament playing well...after two straight top ten finishes.

"The last two weeks have been you know, I'm trending the right way. So I'm just going to try and keep playing like that and just try to make good decisions on this golf course. I think last year I was possibly trying to force some things. I just didn't get a good feel for playing the course," said Tom.

The 58-year old Byrum says he feels more relaxed going into the second year of the tournament. And it would be great to get his first PGA Tour Champions win in his home state. But he's not thinking about that too much.

"I'm not putting any extra pressure on myself, to try to do anything extra special, other than play the golf course, play my game. It's been good enough here recently so I'll try to fit that onto this golf course and see how I do. But of course it's one tournament, if I could pick one, I'd love to win this one," said Tom.

and since he first played the minnehaha country club...many years ago...byrum says he's often the go to guy for other players...who want learn more about it...

"guys that haven't come...ask me about the course...and i'll tell em what i's usually because it's a good's not a long hitters's not necessarily a short hitters course...i think steve stricker kind of proved's just've got to play good golf to score on this course.">>