CFB: Augie brings back a lot of experience

, Augie head coach Jerry Olszewski has a lot of experience back heading into the new season.

"You can't be young twice. You know you can't use that twice, you obviously get aged and you gain experience and you become more of a veteran as you play, " Olszewski said.

A lot of that experience is on the offensive side with ten starters returning. The Vikings have a lot of depth in all areas which include returning running back Rudy Sinflorant and wide receiver Nickel Meyers. Junior quarterback Kyle Saddler is back for a third season as the starter.

"You know Kyle Saddler has two years under his belt and I thought everyone saw the improvement he made from year one to year two. That was necessary, he lead the NSIC in passing. Kle is a better decision maker.

"Great teams need depth and I'm not a selfish guy, I'm a team player. And I know the guys behind me got my back and I got their back. And we have a philosophy if there's one ball we all ball," Sinflorant said.

On defense, the Vikings return eight starters, including 10 of the top 13 tacklers lead by senior linebacker Kyle Theis.

"I think our strength is in our front half and our back half right now. I think our defensive line is very deep and talented," Olzsewski said.

"I think we're playing fast. We have some guys that previously haven't had reps and they're getting reps even in practice and their starting to learn. And it's opening up that opportunity to play fast." Theis said.

Last season, Augie went a perfect 6-0 on the road. One thing the Vikings want to change, they went 1-4 at home.

"That's dead this year. We're making it an emphasis to win every game at home and defend our turf," said Sinflorant.

"It's also probably the closest team I've had in seven years here. Relationship wise, they care for each other. They got a heart for each other. They've got each other's back. And I think our coaching staff has an amazing relationship with them as well. All that should lay into some good stuff here September 7th at KO," Olszewski said.

augie will start the season at home this saturday...when they host upper iowa at 1pm.>>