CFB: Christion Leads the Jacks

Taryn Christion went into his senior season, already the Jacks all-time leader in touchdown passes, with 72 and total offense with over 96-hundred yards. Christion is a play maker who can beat you with his arm, or his legs. But more than that, he's a leader.

"I definitely try to put myself into that role. Really what I've tried to focus on throughout my career is just being a vocal leader. Not being afraid to get out of my comfort zone to get on guys, good or bad." says Christion.

"He brings a great leader a great play maker a great football mind." says coach John Stiegelmeier.

"I feel confident going into any game or any situation with number three at quarterback. Like I said with him being my roommate, I see a different side to him. But on the field he's all business. And it's really cool to see how he steps up." says running back Mikey Daniel.

Christion first started at QB for the Jacks as a true freshman. The game has slowed down a lot since that time.

"For me playing my true freshman year, I was still trying to learn the offense remember what routes were going to be run, what footwork I need to use on a hand off, stuff like that. Then it happens a lot faster when you are trying to remember that and look at a defense and try to figure out what they are doing. So that's slowed down a lot. I don't need to think about that anymore. The game has slowed down. I know the routes that are being run, and where were going to be stressing defenses." says Christion.

Those in this region, have watched Christion grow up as a QB
Since he started as a true freshman in high school at Roosevelt. He says it's been nice to have family always close.

"That was a big thing for me getting recruited. I didn't want to go too far from home cause I wanted my family to experience this with me and see games. And then I could go home during breaks and hang out with them for a little bit. It's really meant the world to me, and this coaching staff is really invested in that. It's family before football." says Christion.

While he'll just add to his records his senior season, Christion has one main goal before his college career is over, a national title.

"Obviously end it in Frisco that's where I want to be, where this team wants to be. And doing what we did last year showed us that we are capable of being there." says Taryn.