CFB: Jacks have a lot of experience back in 2019

For the past four years, Jacks fans have watched Taryn Christion lead the offense, setting about every quarterback record along the way.
Christion is fighting for a roster spot on the Dallas Cowboys now.

It's been a three way battle for the QB job in Brookings this season. Redshirt freshman J'Bore Gibbs earned the starting nod.

"He was my mentor last year actually. So anytime I had a question or anything like that I would go to Taryn. So he definitely has helped me with everything here," Gibbs said.

Gibbs will have plenty of skill players returning around him. Pierre Strong Junior rushed for more than 11-hundred yards as a freshman. While wide receiver Cade Johnson had a single season record 17 touchdown catches. Despite some inexperience on the offensive line, the Jacks expect to put up a lot of points again.

"I think we can take some pressure off our quarterback with our skill.
You know with our plethora of running backs, a number of good wide receivers starting with cade. I think our tight ends are good. It starts with our fat guys all the time our O-line. But when they get the job done we should be able to make some plays, " head coach John Stiegelmeier said.

"Quarterbacks, they don't really have to make any spectacular plays, although i'm sure that they will They just need to be able to make the right reads and just be able to hand the ball off to the right guys and throw the right routes, and just look at the different concepts that we're doing. He's got a lot of threats coming back," wide receiver Cade Johnson said.

On the defensive side, SDSU has their entire front seven back. Senior linebacker Christian Rozeboom returns and is ranked in the top five in career tackles. The Jacks did lose three starters in the secondary including NFL draft pick Jordan Brown. SDSU hopes to see a lot of improvement with the "D" in 2019.

"I think experience is a big thing for us. A lot of guys coming back and a lot of guys that are hungry, but yeah being more aggressive I would say as a defense," linebacker Christian Rozeboom said.

"More aggressive this year, got a lot of more disguises in, a lot more blitzes in that I think will help us in the long run instead of being in a base defense most of the time," junior linebacker Logan Backhaus said.

"Our linebacker and D-line cores are very solid. You know we've got some guys beat up in the secondary, but we've got some young guys doing some good things. Bottom line is do your one-eleventh, do your job as a defensive player. Get the calls in as a coach and we'll be okay," Stiegelmeier said.