Canton's Kellyn March pinning his way in South Dakota history

CANTON- Canton wrestling knows in order to build a dynasty, it starts at practice.

“I think we have passionate coaches that keep the kids interested, keep them motivated, setting goals,” said Co-Head Coach Jeremy Swenson.

The C-Hawks have won three of the last four Class B state wrestling titles, while placing in 15 straight state tournaments.

“Our goal right now is to make it 20 in a row state placing team, so we’re just trying to make new goals every year,” said Swenson.

The last time Canton lost in dual competition was 91 matches ago, something that Swenson remembers too well.

“2015 to Adrian,” he said.

That competitive drive doesn’t stop with Kellyn March, he has won 70-straight matches and counting.

“My goal was to go undefeated throughout high school, but I ended up losing two times to bumping up and wrestle tougher opponents and things just didn’t work out in my favor. But to still be able to have a 70 plus match winning streak, it’s a really good feeling,” said March.

Last month the senior broke the 45-year-old South Dakota High school record for consecutive pins.

“It was really memorable, not to only beat the record that day, but to have Randy Lewis there to give me the poster afterwards, that was something really special that only happens once in a lifetime,” said March.

But Kellyn’s drive doesn’t end there, he hopes to become only the tenth wrestler in state history to finish as a four time state champion.

“It’s amazing to think that I’ll possibly be up there with some of those guys that have only won four or five times, because not many people have done, it’s not something that you usually see. I’ve worked towards this for so many years, putting in a lot of extra time in the summer, and wrestling year long just to get to where I’m at today. I always have really high expectations for my wrestling and I always set my goals high so then I have to work harder to get them. So even though sometimes they might not be something I can do, I always like to set my goals higher so then I have to work harder to try and achieve them, so when I do achieve it then it’s just a really good feeling,” said March.

“I mean he does things that most kids just don’t understand how he does it. He’ll be able to catch some people in certain moves that we train for years to do and he makes it look so effortlessly. That’s what makes him special, he does things that most kids have to work so much harder at I would say than he does,” Swenson added.

Kellyn’s dedication to wrestling is already being acknowledged. He became Canton’s first division one wrestling commit this year. March will attend North Dakota State next season to continue wrestling.

“I just want to keep improving up and up the latter. Right now my goal is to get to college and try to All-American all four years and hopefully win an NCAA title and then once that’s over then I might pursue trying to make it to the Olympics and then the collegian level,” said March.

After picking up his first wrestling shoes when he was just four years old… Kellyn March is now pinning his way into the record books at Canton, while still setting high goals for his next step.

“For me, this is the best sport that there ever is. I have put my heart and soul into this sport and I just love every aspect of it,” said March.

Even though Kellyn is going for his fourth consecutive state title this season, it would only be his third with Canton. His freshman year, Marsh won the 106-pound title wrestling with Beresford/Alcester-Hudson.