Creighton's Kloth has USD Ties

While Taryn Kloth has put together one of the greatest volleyball careers in Creighton University history, long before that, she grew up knowing all about the USD Coyotes and their rivalry with South Dakota State.

"For sure the University of South Dakota all the way. That's where my parents went, my dad played basketball there, we're not South Dakota State people." says Taryn.

Her dad Mike was a former hoop great for the Yotes who still cheers for his Alma mater, except this week.

"He doesn't have a choice, I think he's going to be wearing blue. I know he's going to be wearing blue because he knows I'd be very sad if he wasn't. I know everyone from my family will be rooting for Creighton which is great." says Taryn.

But throw the nostalgia aside, this is Taryn's final NCAA Tournament.
The senior who's had more than 500 kills this season wants the season to go as long at possible.

"Yeah it was kind of crazy that we drew South Dakota. We didn't know who we'd play, then when they won the Summit League. We thought we could possibly play in the Midwest Region. It's crazy four years have gone by fast, everybody says four years is going to fly by. They do, they really do." says Taryn.

And it's the second straight year he Blue Jays have hosted a regional..

"I think the hosting thing, last year we were like are we going to host are we not going to host, and then everyone making our venue amazing so we could host again. And so I think there was so much hype around it. This year we need to stay calm and we know that, and we know that it's great to be home. But we know that it's NCAA Tournament time. This is not just any other game, this is a big game." says Kloth.

Creighton will host USD Friday night in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.