Daly returns for the Sanford International

In colorful attire, John Daly cruised in on a golf cart which he will get to use for the tournament.
The two-time major champion on the PGA Tour is dealing with a bad knee, which he'll have surgery on.

"I feel alright, you know I'm getting this surgery done a half knee replacement. The docs said it would be good for the end of the season. I've got long way to go, it's only a six week recovery, half knee, and i'll be back for the Father-Son," John said.

Last year, Daly withdrew in the second round of the Sanford International due to injury. He plans to go the distance this year.

"Hope so, I'm hitting it alright. The body just doesn't allow me to practice with these knees the way I want too I can hit a lot of wedges, but when you're trying to pinch five irons and four irons and stuff that you need out here on some of the par 5's and some of the par 3's. I'm not quite as good as I used to be at that. We'll see how it goes, we'll have some fun," said John.

The 53 year old has one PGA Tour Champions win in his career. And he likes the set up of the Minnehaha Country Club.

"It's a fun golf course because every hole is different. There's not one same hole. A lot of courses you play they go north-south or east- west together, you get a lot of similarities. But here it's a lot different. If you hit the driver straight, you hit a lot of fairways, you can score well on it because the greens are good," said John.

Daly has almost become more well known for his wild life off the golf course. And here's his advice to his teenage son in Florida,who is one of the nation's top junior golfers.

"I just tell him if you do the opposite of me son and you'll be the next Jack Nicklaus," John said.