Dell Rapids St. Mary Football continues season without home field

DELL RAPIDS- When living in Dell Rapids, the flooding of the Big Sioux River is a challenge the town faces each year.

“We had it back in I believe it was 2010, but it wasn’t as bad as it is this year and this has been the worst," said Dell Rapids St. Mary Head Coach Ross Flemmer.

This year’s challenge took a direct hit on the Dell Rapids St. Mary football team.

“A mess, all the fences are knocked over, and the field is covered in sand," said senior guard Logan Wolles.

After nearly a foot of rain fell in Dell Rapids last month, the Cardinals were left without a home field.

“It’s got a bunch of sand on it, the fences are tipped over, there’s a hay bail on there and some other things," said senior running back Payton Parl.

Now the Cardinals are faced with a challenge bigger than any opponent, finding field to play on for the remainder of the season.

“Well you know we play away games about every other week anyway, so you know you just kind of get used to it I guess. It could be worse than what it was, so we’re pretty fortunate," said Flemmer.

“I kind of like the bus ride, all of us get together and kind of get amped up together, it’s just a good experience I think," said Wolles.

The Cardinals are battling this adversity with ease, they are 6-1 on the season while being ranked as one of the top teams in Class 9-B.

“You’ve got to take what you’re given so I mean it sucks, but.we just hope we can just keep it going like it’s been going," said Wolles.

Homecoming had a new look this season, as Dell Rapids St. Mary played at O’Gorman's field instead. Now the Cardinals hope that Mother Nature will play in their favor when it comes to the rest of the season.

“It kind of sucks, but we’re kind of looking at different options for playoffs. We’re not sure if we will get back on there or not, a lot of teams are still playing. But hopefully we can find a good field and hopefully ours is ready by then and we can get back on it," said Athletic Director Casey Michel.

The Cardinals close out the regular season this Friday when they travel to Oldham-Ramona/Rutland.