Dickinson St. scores 25 unanswered to take down Dakota State

MADISON, S.D. – Dakota State (S.D.) earned a 14-6 edge after the first quarter over NAIA's nationally-ranked Dickinson State (N.D.) in the Dacotah Bank/North Star Athletic Association football contest at Trojan Field Sunday, a game that was postponed due to the recent winter storm that impacted travel conditions in the Upper Midwest region. The Blue Hawks shut down the Trojans 25-0 in the final 45 minutes of the game, prevailing to a 31-14 victory in the annual Rushin' for a Cure football game.

Dakota State suffered its first home defeat of the season, falling to 3-3 overall record and 1-2 record in league play. Dickinson State, four-time defending conference champion who is currently ranked No. 14 in the latest NAIA Football Coaches' Top 25 national poll, won their fifth straight game to lift their overall record to 5-1 and remained undefeated in conference play with a 3-0 record.

Sunday's game marked the 20th meeting between the Trojans and Blue Hawks, with Dickinson State winning the last six meetings to improve the all-time series record to 18-2.


Dickinson State opened the game with a 61-yard kick-off return by Javonte Olilphant to DaSU's 40-yard line. Facing a third-and-two situation, Gibson threw a 15-yard p ass to Conor McCarvel that resulted a first-down on DaSU's 17-yard line. With another third down situation, the Blue Hawks answered with a 9-yard touchdown pass from Gibson to Alec Lovegren for a 6-0 lead with 10 minutes, 34 seconds on the clock. The PAT extra-point kick by Jeremiah Paine was no good.
Dakota State answered back on the ensuing possession with a touchdown. Torren Devericks opened the scoring drive with a 30-yard pass to Roger Moore from DaSU's 29-yard line to DiSU's 41-yard line. The Trojans gained another 30-plus yard, thanks to a 31-yard rush by Brodie Frederiksen to DiSU's 6-yard line. Devericks connected to Josh Giles for a 5-yard touchdown, followed by Joshua Snook's extra-point PAT kick to give the Trojans a 7-6 lead with 8:01 left in the first quarter.

The Blue Hawks were forced to punt on the next possession, setting up another scoring drive for the Trojans. Frederiksen opened the drive with an 18-yard rush from DaSU's 18-yard line to DaSU's 36-yard line. Devericks fired a 35-yard pass to Moore from their own 41-yard line to DiSU's 24-yard line.
Devericks rushed for 10 yards on the fourth-and-eight situation, resulting in for a first-down on DiSU's 12-yard line. The Trojans earned another first down after the Blue Hawks committed a defensive penalty, moving the ball to DiSU's 2-yard line. Frederiksen rushed for a 2-yard touchdown to widen the Trojans' lead with 1:47 on the clock. Snook added the PAT extra-point kick to extend DaSU's lead to 14-6.
DaSU used 10 plays for 82 yards in 3:50 in the second scoring drive.


Dakota State's defense halted Dickinson State from scoring in the end zone in the early second quarter, thanks to Wyatt Sanford's interception on DaSU's 1-yard line and returned it for four yards with 10:52 left. The Trojans were unable to convert their scoring chance from DiSU's turnover as they were forced to punt.
The Blue Hawks committed their second straight turnover on the next drive. Cole McCarty intercepted Gibson's pass on DiSU's 45-yard line with 6:09 left in the second quarter. However, the Trojans could not convert their scoring opportunity from DiSU's turnover as they were forced to punt.
Dickinson State started on their own 24-yard line with 5:15 to go, setting up the final scoring drive of the first-half. The Trojans intercepted Gibson's pass for the third time but was overturned by a defensive penalty committed by DaSU that resulted in a first-down for the Blue Hawks on DaSU's 33-yard line.
The Blue Hawks had to settled for a 21-yard field goal by Paine when time expired for first-half, trimming the Trojans' lead to 14-9. DiSU recorded 11 plays for 72 yards to close the second quarter.
Dakota State had two more offensive yards than Dickinson State in the first thirty minutes of the game (179-177).


Both Dakota State and Dickinson State were forced to punt on each of the first possession of the second-half.
The Blue Hawks regained their lead mid-way through the third quarter, thanks to Gibson's 50-yard pass to Tyger Frye. The 2-point PAT extra-point was good as Gibson connected to Lovegren to give DiSU a 17-14 lead with 7:09 left in the third.
After the Trojans were forced to punt again on the next possession, the Blue Hawks set up another scoring drive to widen their lead. Gibson fired a 45-yard pass to McCarvel from DiSU's 37-yard line to DaSU's 18-yard line. Gibson followed up with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Lovegren with 3:28 left in the game. Paine added the PAT extra-point kick to extend DiSU's lead to 24-14.
Dickinson State outscored Dakota State 15-0 in the third quarter. The Blue Hawks also outgained the Trojans 158-23 in total offensive yards in the first fifteen minutes of the second-half.


Dakota State committed a fumble turnover on the punt return on their own 7-yard line, regaining the possession for Dickinson State with 13:15 remaining in the game. The Blue Hawks would answer with a 3-yard touchdown pass from Gibson to Kellen Ray with 11:49 remaining in the game. Paine added the PAT extra-point kick to widen DiSU's lead to 31-14.
The Trojans used seven plays for 48 yards in 1:48 on the ensuing possession, pair of 15-plus passes from Devericks. He threw a 20-yard pass to Dajshon Keel from their own 40-yard line to DiSU's 40-yard line. Devericks followed up with a 17-yard pass to Frederiksen, moving to the ball to DiSU's 23-yard line. DaSU was unable to convert their scoring chance as they turned the ball on downs on DiSU's 17-yard line with 10:01 left.
Dakota State also registered 17 plays for 72 yards in 5:03 after the Blue Hawks were forced to punt. The Trojans were stopped on DiSU's 1-yard line on the fourth-down situation, turning the ball on downs to Dickinson State.
The Trojans outgained the Blue Hawks 120-19 in total offensive yards in the final 15 minutes of the game.


Frederiksen rushed for a game-high 110 yards in 20 rushes with a touchdown for Dakota State. He also finished with a game-high 130 all-purpose yards (20 yards receiving).
Devericks completed 17 passes in 36 attempts for a total of 226 yards with a touchdown for the Trojans. Moore caught four passes for 108 yards. Cooper McDermott added four catches for 59 yards. Keel also had three receptions for 33 yards. Giles had a touchdown reception.
John Trout had a career-high 17 tackles (8 solo, 9 assists) for Dakota State. Sanford also had a career-high 14 tackles (4 solo, 10 assists) and caught an interception. McCarty tallied 11 tackles (3 solo, 8 assists) and also added an interception. Marcus Vanden Bosch collected 10 tackles (3 solo, 7 assists), while Riley Janke added eight tackles.
Amad Andrews, Jr. rushed 32 times for a total of 103 yards for the Blue Hawks. He finished the game with 127 all-purpose yards (24 receiving yards). Lovegren and Derek Tabor each added 13 rushing yards.
Gibson was 17-of-24 for 252 yards with four touchdowns passes and two interceptions for Dickinson State. Frye caught six passes for 110 yards and a touchdown. Jaret Lee added three catches for 13 yards. McCarvel recorded two receptions for 60 yards. Lovegren had two receptions for 27 yards and two touchdowns.
Derick VandeBossche led the Blue Hawks' defense with nine tackles (4 solo, 5 assists). Kevin Brown added seven tackles. Krew Mathern recorded two quarterback sacks. Jeramy Poyer also had a sack.

Dickinson State outgained Dakota State 401-332 in total offensive yards. The Blue Hawks recorded 224 offensive yards in the second-half, while holding the Trojans to 153 offensive yards.
The Blue Hawks recorded 252 passing yards and 149 rushing yards. The Trojans registered 226 passing yards and 106 rushing yards.
DiSU produced 19 first-downs (10 first-downs by rushing, 8 first-downs by passing and 1 first-down by penalty) in the game compared to DaSU 15 first-downs (5 first-downs by rushing, 9 first-downs by passing and 1 first-down by penalty).
Dickinson State converted 9-of-16 on third-down situations. The Trojans were 2-of-15 on third-down conversions. DaSU converted 4-of-7 on fourth-downs.
The Blue Hawks' defense tallied five quarterback sacks in the game for a total loss of 22 yards. The Trojans did not record a quarterback sack in the game.
DiSU maintained ball control for 34 minutes and 11 seconds. DaSU had a time possession of 25 minutes, 49 seconds.

Dakota State begins their 2-game road trip next Saturday (Oct. 19). The Trojans visit Waldorf (Iowa) in the conference contest at Bolstoff Field in Forest City, Iowa. Kick-off is scheduled for 2 p.m.
Dickinson State returns home next Saturday (Oct. 19) and host Presentation (S.D.) in the NSAA conference action. Kick-off is scheduled for 3 p.m. (Central Time)/2 p.m. (Mountain Time) at Biesiot Activities Center in Dickinson, N.D.