Gerry's a Super Bowl Champion

Well I'm here on the turf at US Bank Stadium where the confetti has fallen and the Philadelphia eagles are officially world champions. With a 41-33 win over New England on Sunday night, the eagles claimed their first ever Super Bowl title, and that also includes Sioux Falls own Nate Gerry. The rookie said it's an unbelievable feeling to call himself a Super Bowl Champ,

"It's is incredible honestly. It is just one of those things honestly. You just have to scream, you have to shout you have so much emotion inside that just have to let it all out. So much emotion around that you don;t know what to do with it and you let it all out," Super Bowl Champion Nate Gerry said.

Gerry got the chance to play on special teams in the Super Bowl, running with the top kickoff units for the Eagles. In one of the better offensive super bowls in recent memory, it was a defensive play that seals the first super bowl title for Philly.

"Yeah you know, they're a good team, they have a lot of good players and a lot of good coaching staffs, you know we knew they were going to scheme up a lot of good plays, and we knew it was going to come down to the 4th quarter and whoever could throw the last punch," Gerry said.

As Nate's rookie season finds a story-book ending, the Super Bowl champion is also finding a home in Philly. His teammate have even given up him a the nickname, the pride of Sioux Falls.

"I used to dream about this as a little kid, but to see it in existence - THE PRIDE OF SIOUX FALLS - all the obstacles I've overcame, it's amazing," Gerry said.

For the rest of the Eagles - including one-time Pipestone resident Torrey Smith - their journey started as family and finishes by raising the Lombardi trophy.

"You know, it started as family, and we play for each other. It was bigger than just us, and that's why this team is special and that's why we are in this position. To be part of the group to do it, is something I'll never forget," Eagles Wide Receiver Torrey Smith said.

"For me, the big thing that helped me was knowing that I didn't have to be Superman. I have amazing teammates and amazing coaches around me, and all I had to go do was play as hard as I could and play for one another, and play for those guys and we got the vicotry," Eagles quarterback Nick Foles said.