Gloe family visits Vikings training camp every year

It's not uncommon for some Minnesota Vikings fans to call themselves die-hards, but the Gloe family from Watertown is making sure their passion for the puprle and gold doesn't slow down anytime soon.

Courtesy: MGN

If miles on the road, were yards on the field, the Gloe family would score all the touchdowns.

Cheering on the Minnesota Vikings is more than just a hobby for this Watertown family. It’s a lifestyle.

“We’re doing this in one day, we’re driving a total of eight hours just to see them for three, so we’re definitely dedicated," said Alexa.

"Since they raised us as Vikings fans it means a lot, we tend to watch every game together. So being here together means a lot to us," said Mariah.

Early Saturday morning, Scott, Kristi, and their daughters Alexa and Mariah loaded up their car and took the 212 mile trip for their first training camp in Eagan, Minnesota.

“It took about four hours with one stop," said Alexa.

But the Gloe’s aren’t rookies to this routine. They make this a family road trip each season. Alexa has even been attending Vikings games since before she could even walk.

"It’s kind of bittersweet not being in Mankato anymore, just because we have been there ten of the last 14 years we have gone, but this is great for Minnesota Vikings fans," said Alexa.

The Gloe’s have been fortunate enough to meet the team, go on the field, and even get a handwritten letter from Adrian Peterson. It’s those memories that this family will cherish forever.

“We get balls to sign or jerseys to sign, and just seeing their faces “mom I got this, dad I got this," said Kristi.

“It seems like the first time every year. Cause they’re just as excited this time as they were 12 years ago.”

That excitement is what keeps bringing the Gloes back each year, no matter where training camp may be, and something they will continue to do for seasons to come.

“That would be fantastic, I'm sure they will, they’re just huge Vikings fans. I’m sure that they will be bringing their families here once they have them," said Scott.