Huron football team has four sets of twins

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HURON, S.D. (KSFY) - If you look at the Huron Tigers football roster, you’ll be seeing double.

Juniors Landon and Hayden Hegg are both running backs and twin brothers.

Not to be confused with sophomores Carter and Colby Hot who also running backs and also twins.

You can’t forget about the other sophomores either, Tristan and Sebastian Cardona.

Oh and we’re not done. The seniors, Remington and Benjamin Walton.

If you’re keeping up that’s one, two, three, four sets of twins.

“I don’t think it’s very common,” said Sebastian.

“No it’s not common at all, it’s crazy because we have three sets of twins just in our grade,” said Tristan.

“We’re a pretty small town, we’re not that big. So I think it’s pretty neat for us as a town compared to nationwide,” said Hayden.

Head Coach Michael Schmitz says he’s still working on getting all of their names straight.

“I get them confused pretty regularly, I even had a lot of them in my classroom in the middle school. I can tell them apart without helmets on, but when there’s helmets on I can’t really tell. They kind of keep me on my toes,” said Schmitz.

“He gets us mixed up probably the most, he doesn’t really know how to tell us apart. They just yells ‘Hegg’ and then we go out there,” said the Heggs’.

They may share the same last name, birthday, and face but once the helmet is on they’re both very different players.

“I mean he’s more of the offensive side and I’m the more defensive side, I don’t know,” said Sebastian. “He’s a lot more aggressive, and I’m just more passive,” Tristan followed.

It may be difficult to tell them apart but these brothers are similar when it comes to pushing each other to be better each game.

“The hardest part about being a twin is that you have the same capabilities and you have the same ability to do anything, so if I can do something, he can do it just as good, if not better,” said Tristan.

“We got two sets of abilities that are pretty much exactly alike,” said Remington.

But most importantly, the Tigers have proven brothers that play together, stay together.

“Usually you won’t get on at someone as much as you would your twin, because they’re not family and they’re not just like you, but you expect them to do better,” said Colby.

Huron faces Harrisburg on Thursday in the first round of the 11AA playoffs.