I-90 Speedway has brought racing back to the Sioux Falls area

More than 3,000 fans packed the stands at I-90 Speedway on Saturday night. For a track that has had seven and a half rain outs this season, this was the night everyone was waiting for.

"It was absolutely overwhelming to see that big a crowd and to see that many cars in the pit area was absolutely incredible," says General Manager Rod Pattison.

"Stands were packed, weather was perfect, car counts were huge,it reassures that racing is alive and well in the Sioux Falls area," says driver Travis Schreurs.

For the drivers, the return of a Sioux Falls area track,has meant more money in their pockets.

"There's a quarter million people here around the Sioux Falls area, so a lot of the drivers are right around here. So the ability to drive 20 minutes versus 120 minutes, it's better on your bottom line, and it's kind of easier on your head to not having to drive home after races," Schreurs said.

"Their sponsors were leaving the cars, because if i'm XYZ company in Hartford, why am I going to put a sign on car that is racing in Jackson, Minnesota or in Watertown, South Dakota where that logo is not going to be seen by my core customers. So they've had these big fuel bills and no sponsors. Now the fact that they're back home, the sponsors are calling them getting back on the car, the fuel bill getting too and from the races is way smaller. So it's a win win for everybody," Pattison said.

Pattison says they hope to make up some of those rain out dates by extending a season that was suppose to end September 7th.

"We want to try to look at possibly taking the season into mid maybe late September. Depending on how the weather goes, possibly into October. We've got some bigger shows that we'd like to get rescheduled. Were working on an even bigger show as we speak that I don't have a lot of details on yet, we'd like to take the season and make it last longer," said Pattison.