Jack-Oregon Preview- NCAA Sweet 16

Unlike their past two opponents in the NCAA Tournament, South Dakota State had time this week to study up from their game against the Ducks on December 12th.

"We played well in that game, not quite well enough. Their offensive firepower was a little too much for us in that game. We'll have to try to find ways to slow them down. It was a great experience for us," says Jacks head coach Aaron Johnston.

The Jackrabbits fell by eight, but led in the third quarter at Frost Arena.

"I just think it's giving us familiarity knowing that we were able to go down there and compete against South Dakota at their place. So now watching film, we're watching film on us, the mistakes we made, the positives that came out of that game. I think that just gives us a little more confidence in knowing what we need to do better, what we didn't do as well," says Oregon's Sabrina Ionescu.

"The thing about South Dakota State, you can always count on them to be roughly the same in everything that they do. They're so consistent in their effort, in their execution, in their team play," says Oregon Head Coach Kelly Graves.

After meeting with the seventh ranked Ducks once again tonight, but teams know to expect two programs that have grown greatly.

"Everyone is doing a great job stepping up into their role, having confidence. I think since December we've done a great job finding the open players, really knocking down the shots. A couple people are there to find the open person," says SDSU's Macy Miller.

This isn't the last you'll be seeing of the Ducks either, SDSU and Oregon are set to play in Eugene in the regular season next year.

"We come back to Oregon next year to play, so yeah, three times in less than 12 months against the Ducks. That's a tall task for us," says Johnston.