Kaufman, Olson return to home area for Sanford International

Kim Kaufman grew up in Clark, South Dakota. Amy Olson grew up in a Oxbow, North Dakota. And they remember those small town courses, they honed their games on.

"Yeah it's funny, I mean I went back their last summer and played.
And I go out there and I think was this what it was like. I think these greens used to be faster, these greens used to be bigger," said Kaufman.

"I just started where I was at. I had a golf course in my back yard, and I spent hours there and I loved it," Olson said.

Kaufman and Olson are both in their sixth season on the LPGA Tour. They were asked about how they balance their personal lives, with the grind of being a pro golfer.

"And that's the thing I think some girls for the longest time they just play play play. That's all your goals are, and all of a sudden you wake up and your thirty. And your going, I'm not married and I want to have kids, but you travel thirty weeks a year, it can be really hard. I feel fortunate that I've met that person and I'm getting married," Kaufman said.

"It's actually been incredibly important to my success to have that. To be able to turn the golf side of my brain off, and just be able to be a wife, be a daughter, be a sister, and just realize there's a lot more going on this world other than golf," Olson said.

And with Sioux Falls being the host now to a Champions Tour event, and a Symetra Tour event. Kaufman and Olson hope one day, an LPGA Tour event could be played here as well.

"People love golf here. People love getting behind world class sporting events here and that would just be another opportunity for South Dakota," said Olson.

"I think they 100 percent could and it actually would be the perfect market for us. We do best in a smaller mid-sized market. We don't get lost and I would love to see that in my time. I'm sure Amy as well fingers crossed, maybe some day that'll happen." Olson said..