Augie's Lacina following his father's path

Vikings senior Jake Lacina has started every game in his career anchoring Augie's offensive line.

"It's very lucky and a great blessing to be out there for every game. I'm lucky to have that because a lot of guys can't say that, " said Lacina.

Lacina grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. He learned a lot about football from his dad Corbin, who was an offensive lineman for eleven years in the NFL. Four of those seasons were with his hometown Vikings.

"His last year I was in first grade, and I remember some of those, not a lot of it, but some of it. It wasn't a big deal because I was a little kid," said Lacina.

It wasn't long before Jake was showing his ability on a football field. Picking Augie was an easy choice, since his dad also played for the Vikings.

"It's been great having Corbin get reconnected with the program and with friends. And through Jake's experience a whole new group of alumni that are going to be created. It's a tight knit family here," said Augie head coach Jerry Olszewski.

"He doesn't miss a single game so he's always out there supporting us. He's helped me out so much throughout my life always coaching me up. And then having him go to Augie and me following that was amazing," said Jake.

"He'll come to practice and he'll watch and pay attention to what's going on. He's a great advocate to the program, but he just wants to be a dad," said Olszewski.

Before his senior season. Lacina was named a preseason first team D2 All-American. And he hopes to follow his dads footsteps again to the NFL.

"I would love to, but I've got my senior season right now. I would love too, it would be an awesome story," said Jake.

"He's had that aspiration for awhile, now it's coming closer to reality. We'll see what happens with it," said Olszewski.