Lamer earns fifth state wrestling title, highlights from the Class B State Tournament

Class B
1 Canton 200
2 Winner Area 140.5
3 Redfield Area 104
4 Wagner 86
5 Custer/Edgemont 84
6 Howard 78
7 Burke/Gregory 76
8 Philip Area 72.5
9 Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 72
10 Parkston 65.

1st Place - Riley Weber of Parkston
2nd Place - Riley Whitley of Redfield Area
3rd Place - Owen Hansen of Burke/Gregory
4th Place - Logan Graf of Custer/Edgemont
5th Place - Andy Meyer of Canton
6th Place - Jackson Remmers of McCook Central/Montrose
7th Place - Cael Larson of Webster Area
8th Place - Thane Simons of Philip Area

1st Place - Lane Miller of Howard
2nd Place - Gage Martinmaas of Faulkton Area
3rd Place - Jacob Brunner of Custer/Edgemont
4th Place - Keegan Haider of Wess. Springs/Woon./Wolsey-Wess.
5th Place - Dragr Monson of Groton Area
6th Place - Carter Lenz of Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
7th Place - Landon Sudbeck of Parkston
8th Place - Luke Richardson of Canton

1st Place - Kaden Keiser of Winner Area
2nd Place - Bradyn Robbins of Redfield Area
3rd Place - Lance Soukup of Wagner
4th Place - Isiah Grimm of Sisseton
5th Place - Braxton Trowbridge of Canton
6th Place - Grayson Hanson of Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
7th Place - Kieffer Klinkhammer of Howard
8th Place - Shilo Mowry of Lyman

1st Place - Braden Sehr of Canton
2nd Place - Jadyn Coller of Philip Area
3rd Place - Bradyn Lhotak of Wagner
4th Place - Jared Harris of Bennett County
5th Place - Dane Christopherson of Sisseton
6th Place - Riley Genzlinger of Howard
7th Place - Blade Forman of Miller/Highmore-Harrold
8th Place - Hayden Pierret of Garretson

1st Place - Kellyn March of Canton
2nd Place - Carson Pinske of Lead-Deadwood
3rd Place - Wyatt Talbott of Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
4th Place - Keanan Pikarski of Sisseton
5th Place - Blair Blasius of Philip Area
6th Place - Alec Dobson of Kingsbury County
7th Place - Skyler Swatek of Elk Point-Jefferson
8th Place - Jack Kruger of Winner Area

1st Place - Wyatt Turnquist of Winner Area
2nd Place - Tate Haider of Wess. Springs/Woon./Wolsey-Wess.
3rd Place - Carsten McNeil of Redfield Area
4th Place - JD Carter of Stanley County
5th Place - Seth Peterson of Canton
6th Place - McCoy Peterson of Philip Area
7th Place - Brennan Hanes of Custer/Edgemont
8th Place - Braimen Steen of Sisseton

1st Place - Caden Lamer of Tri-Valley
2nd Place - Jackson Eklund of Burke/Gregory
3rd Place - Jaden Dominisse of Canton
4th Place - Mason Fey of Redfield Area
5th Place - Hunter Peterson of Philip Area
6th Place - Kody Hagen of Hot Springs
7th Place - Irail Griffin of Custer/Edgemont
8th Place - Brody Weavill of Elk Point-Jefferson

1st Place - Trevor Peters of Winner Area
2nd Place - Alex Aesoph of Faulkton Area
3rd Place - Chance Grill of Custer/Edgemont
4th Place - Ty Namanny of Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
5th Place - Frank Even of Burke/Gregory
6th Place - Gage Burke of Clark/Willow Lake
7th Place - Daniel Cremer of Marion/Freeman
8th Place - Jacobi Krouse of McCook Central/Montrose

1st Place - Sam Kruger of Winner Area
2nd Place - Lucas Bietz of Parkston
3rd Place - Levi Mines of Custer/Edgemont
4th Place - Blake Gessner of McCook Central/Montrose
5th Place - Tucson Freeman of Mobridge-Pollock
6th Place - Weston Ireland of Bennett County
7th Place - Kaden Laubach of Canton
8th Place - Chayce Rausch of Potter County

1st Place - Josh Crownover of Bon Homme/Scotland/Avon
2nd Place - Shaeden Scheidt of Canton
3rd Place - Tanner Even of Parker
4th Place - Landon Werdel of Clark/Willow Lake
5th Place - Joey Wheeler of Potter County
6th Place - Jake Cheeseman of McCook Central/Montrose
7th Place - Gage Carter of Faulkton Area
8th Place - Micaiah Grace of Custer/Edgemont

1st Place - Caleb Orris of Clark/Willow Lake
2nd Place - Scott Peterson of Canton
3rd Place - Jeremiah Beck of Burke/Gregory
4th Place - Thomas Baker of Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney
5th Place - Cody Donnelly of Philip Area
6th Place - Isaac Feldhaus of Howard
7th Place - Jordan Gall of Bon Homme/Scotland/Avon
8th Place - Cade Entwisle of McCook Central/Montrose

1st Place - Barrett Wren of Redfield Area
2nd Place - EJ Leetch of Howard
3rd Place - Garrett Heil of Hot Springs
4th Place - Cullen Rutten of Canton
5th Place - Slayton Neugebauer of Parkston
6th Place - Regan Bollweg of Miller/Highmore-Harrold
7th Place - Tanner Peterson of McCook Central/Montrose
8th Place - Carter Heinz of Ipswich/Leola/Bowdle

1st Place - KJ St. Pierre of Wagner
2nd Place - Jesse Hastings of Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney
3rd Place - Tyler Resick of Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
4th Place - Tee Allen of Bennett County
5th Place - Marshall Baldwin of Canton
6th Place - Elijah Blare of Winner Area
7th Place - Preston Worth of Potter County
8th Place - Tristen Bent of Webster Area

1st Place - Chase Sigdestad of Webster Area
2nd Place - Dawson Lensing of Wagner
3rd Place - Wyatt Locke of Groton Area
4th Place - Achilles Willuweit of Winner Area
5th Place - Rob Lester of Lead-Deadwood
6th Place - Drake Peed of Elk Point-Jefferson
7th Place - Micah Deboer of Bon Homme/Scotland/Avon
8th Place - Zach Richardson of Canton