Learning from an NFL legend

BROOKINGS, S.D. (KSFY) - On Saturdays, Chase Vinatieri has put a lot of balls through the uprights for the Jacks

He's third in career field goals made at South Dakota State.

On Sundays, for the past 24 years, his uncle Adam has been making more field goals than anyone in NFL history, which includes two Super Bowl-winning kicks.

Chase spends some time working with Adam in the offseason.

"In the summertime, I went and saw him - trained a little bit with him at the Colts facilities and kicked and just kind of picked his brain and asked him questions about what he went through you know," Chase said.

"I think two things, obviously Adam has great expertise in all areas of kicking," said John Stiegelmeier, SDSU Head Coach. "Adam has certainly proved that but I think to have a guy that's your relative doing something that you hope to do one day I think it's motivation and it becomes a little more real."

"You just kind of talk with him and ask him what he felt during his snow kick and his Super Bowl kick," Chase said. "And just what his mindset is when it comes to a game-winner."

It was only natural for Chase, a Sioux Falls native, to wear number 4 since his famous uncle also wore that number when he kicked for the Jacks. And it can be tough having the same last name as the all-time leading scorer in NFL history.

"You know pressure-wise, there will always be a little bit of pressure with the name and how successful he's been in his NFL career," Chase said. "So there's always going to be that but he's his own player and I'm my own player."

Chase has had some struggles his senior season, ironically, his uncle went through the same thing when he was in college and he hopes another Vinatieri will be kicking in the NFL one day.

"To get there I just have to have a good successful senior season, be able to show teams what I'm capable of," Chase added.

"Chase is an elite player," Stiegelmeier said. "He's got a great leg, he can make all the kicks. You know he's just got to start off on a good note and I think he's got a bright, bright future."