Leber's Still a Viking

Football is still a very big part of Ben Leber's life. He played 10 seasons in the NFL, half of those with the Vikes. Now he likes to teach the game he loves.

Courtesy: MGN

"Whenever I get a chance to come back I like to come back. My parents are still in Vermillion, although they come up to Minneapolis quite a bit because of all the kids and stuff. I don't get a chance to get back that often but when I do it's great to see the advancement in all of sports." says Leber.

Leber is still with the Vikings, still near the field for games as a sideline analyst for the Vikings Radio Network. He says it was an adjustment to go to the other side.

"It is bizarre, to be on this side of the game. I really enjoy it they have been so good to me. I really try to not step on anybody's toes, I really have to know my place, however they give me so much access to develop relationships personally with players, that's a gold mine in this business." says Leber.

Leber had a great view of the Miracle in Minnesota, the Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs touchdown pass that sent Minnesota to the NFC title game.

"I gave us, sadly I gave us like a one percent chance to win in that moment. And then I saw the catch and it happened 10-yards away from me. I saw Stefon run past me and kind of like everyone else's interviews and reactions, I jumped for joy but I didn't even realize I was celebrating. I was like I can't believe this is happening. I was in shock." says Leber.

While the Vikes season ended a week later in the NFC Championship game. Leber says the Vikes will have team that can win all, when the new season starts soon.

"They have a big target on their back and that's what the fans want to be competitive to be relevent It's really Super Bowl or bust the next three years." says Leber