Lincoln Goes for 5th Straight State Tennis Title

In a weather shorted season, the Lincoln Patriots boys tennis team hasn't missed a beat. The patriots have just loss, are conference champions, and head into this weekend state tournament with solid confidence.

"It's been a good season so far - we split with O'Gorman, but haven't lost any other matches this year," Lincoln head coach Tom Krueger said.

"You know, I would say right now we are all pretty confident. We're feeling pretty good with where out game is at," Lincoln Senior Graham Leonard said.

"We are always there by the end of the season - usually. Everyone can beat everyone on team right now, so we have a chance for everything," Lincoln Junior Sam Dobbs said.

Everything also includes the Patriots going for the 5th-straight state tennis title. It's a remarkable accomplish for any program, in any sport across the country, but for the patriots, although it's in the back of their heads, the state title streak isn't talked about.

"Yeah - the matches take care of themselves and the titles take care of themselves. We don't talk about it at all. We talk about how much fun it is to be part of a special group who is really playing well and having a lot of success. You look around the country, and there is not that many team that get to have this kind of streak or this kind of run," Krueger said.

"Try not to keep the 5th - going for the 5th straight title - you kind of keep that in the back of your head. Every year is a new year with a new team and we are just going to go out there and give it our best shot," Leonard said.

"I definitely want to win as a team the most, and get five straight. Yeah I don't know - I don't want to loose," Dobbs said.

Although there's history and hardware on the line at state, coach Krueger's post-season message remains the same from the Patriots first practice. Play with a good attitude, effort, and show integrity on the court..

"You have to just focus on each point and each match, and each person that you are playing. You know, you can't control so much of it, you can only control is your attitude, your integrity, your effort and how hard you try," Krueger said.

"I'll definitely remember the integrity - that's a core value of the Lincoln tennis team, and yeah, the winning is nice and yeah, it's been a good time." Leonard said.