Local family takes over as the new owners of the Storm

The announcement came in a news conference at the Premier
Center. Three sisters and their husbands who have run restaurant and food services businesses in region for more than twenty years, are the new owners of the Storm.

Jason and Valerie Headlee, Stephanie and David Richter, and Amber and Patrick Garry take over. Jason Headlee is the group president.

"After a lot of consideration and due diligence. Me and the ownership group decided it would be a great fit for our families and for the city of Sioux Falls," said Headlee.

The group buys the team from Todd Tryon, who has owned the Storm for ten years. Tryon decided shortly after the Storm won the IFL Championship in July at Arizona, that it was time to sell so he could focus on his other businesses.

"Really excited about the future of the Storm. For twenty years I've been personally been involved. Started as a player, then as a coach. And then had the opportunity in 2009 to take over the team," Tryon said.

The new ownership group wanted to make sure Kurtiss Riggs, who's been the storm's head coach since 2001 stayed. Riggs gets a new three year deal.

"I think now the Storm is in a good place. But it can go to even a better place. That what this is really exciting about, " said Riggs.

"Keeping Kurtiss on, especially as inexperienced as we are with this right now. I think he brings all that strength that we need to have, with winning teams and players and the coaches he has with him," said Headlee.

There isn't much improvement needed with the Storm's on the field product. They've won eleven championships, and have been to sixteen title games in the last twenty years. The new owners want to focus on improving the fan experience.

"Some of the things we're going to improve. We're passionate about preseason events, about post game celebrations. The tailgating is something that we have some experience with. And then special events for season ticket holders, we really appreciate all of our season ticket holders and all of our sponsors," said Headlee.