Miller Learning with the Seattle Storm

Macy Miller's first job in the post-collegiate world, is as a professional basketball player after getting selected in the third round of the WNBA Draft by the Seattle Storm.

"You know this is probably the first time I've been away from home. You know playing in college, I was only an hour and half away, that's not that far so coming here on my own is something totally different. You know playing for these guys, they've made it a very easy transition." says Miller.

The Seattle media wanted to know what it was like to play in her hometown's Corn Palace.

"It's a big deal coming from there. And we got to play our high school games there, so it's a college level floor which is an advantage for us. We practiced there, so these high school teams would come in there and they're dying out there and we're just going." says Miller.

Macy is the first cousin of former NBA player Mike Miller who spent 17-years in the league. She was asked if she's gotten any advice from the two time world champion.

"Him and my dad talk more probably and they exchange back and forth. But just good luck, lay as hard as you can, whatever is going to happen is going to happen." says Miller.

And Miller says being from the first family of basketball in South Dakota, doesn't matter now.

"Coming here it's totally different, no one knows who you are and maybe that is a better thing. You just come out and do your thing, you have no pressure on you I guess. Meeting Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart, I texted my friends and said I met Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart and they said no way." says Miller