NSU volleyball team on a roll heading into post-season

Northern State head coach Brent Aldrich has built a program at NSU.
Now in his ninth season, the Wolves are the league champions in the best DII conference in the country, the NSIC.

"If you are looking for something easy, don't come play in the NSIC. It's a wonderful conference especially for volleyball. It hasn't been that long ago that Northern wasn't in the mix. Kudos to our team who's putting the time in," Aldrich said.

"It's so tough, every game is a challenge. It will make us better throughout the year," said senior Jenna Reiff.

The Wolves have a veteran team. Senior Ashley Rozell is the all-time leader in assists with over 5000 in her career. Jenna Reiff and Laura Snyder have more than a thousand kills in their career. While Jaiden Langlie is the first Wolves player in twenty years to go over 15-hundred digs. Northern can hurt you in a lot of ways.

"Well our ability to side out is one of main things that gets us where we are going. And you can't stay in rotation very long or pretty soon you are down four or five points. So yes the hitters we have is a luxury I guess," said Aldrich.

"If someone is trapping one hitter, it always seems like we have two more options. And when me and Laura play back row, we always have a few more options back there because a lot of people don't tend to block back row so it is really nice and relaxing to know we have all these options and Ashley is really good at getting ball to who is open," Reiff said.

And this veteran team wants to make a run at a possible first national title in volleyball. And they believe they have a the team to do it.

"The kids that are playing are seniors that have started their whole career. And so that is what we hope, their experience helps us," Aldrich said.

"It's important for us to lead the team because we have a lot of young people and next year we are going to graduate four of us so we are not always going to be here. We hope to build program and build it up to its potential," Reiff said.