Nicklaus talks about return to Sanford International

Jack Nicklaus had some added interest in this years Sanford International. His son Gary, who turned 50 this year, was playing in it.
He's making a pro comeback, after a long time away from tournament play.

"He's played a little bit. I don't think he's played for fiftteen years. To try and develop a rhythm again is kind of difficult. It's kind of fun for an old man to come out and watch his son do stuff. You know that's what we all enjoy watching our sons do things," said Nicklaus.

"Gary and Jack's family we've known for a long time. So we want these young men to go out, call them young, fifty is young, these gentleman," said Hale Irwin.

The Golden Bear likes to be involved in these senior events. Playing in a fun exhibition match and watching the current players on the PGA Tour Champions.

"These are a lot of the guys that I played with. They were coming in while I was going out, but I still played with them. I played with them on the regular tour. The tournament here with Sanford. I've developed a nice relationship with Denny Sanford and with Sanford Health with our health care foundation in Florida," said Nicklaus.

It's that foundation that keeps Jack and his wife Barbara busy these days. A lot of the money goes to help children's hospitals. Something that is personal to him.

"Barbara and I, back when our daughter was in an oxygen tent in intensive care, back some fifty years ago And you know if there's anyway we can ever help someone we want it to be children. You know I use the phrase an awful lot. When I see what happens with these kids. It's a lot more important to see what happens to them rather than standing over a four foot putt," Nicklaus said.