Pierre charging toward another title

PIERRE, S.D. (KSFY) - In 2018, Pierre won their second straight class 11-AA state title.

The Governors haven't slowed down in 2019, they're 5-0 and have outscored teams 273-to-33.

"I think the big thing on both sides of the ball right now is our preparation has been really good this year," said Steve Steele, Pierre Head Coach. "Coaching staff and kids, you know it has been in the past but our kids have really bought into the film time and the preparation time."

On offense, Pierre is lead by senior quarterback Garrett Stout.

"Football is huge in this community," Stout said. "If you come to our games you obviously see that the stands are always packed. I mean our fan base for football is incredible."

North Dakota State University recruit Grey Zabel leads a strong offensive and defensive line.

"I'd have to say our o-line is a strength but it's really easy blocking for a play maker like Garrett Stout and a running back like Maguire Raske," Zabel said. "They make our jobs really easy. It's really fun blocking for those guys, watching them fly past us."

"Yeah our o-line is dominant in a lot of games and does a lot of good things," Steele said. "Our skill guys do a lot of good things. I just think the number one thing we have right now is chemistry and ownership. You know are guys work well together."

For head coach Steve Steele, who's in his fourth season leading the Govs, the goal is to keep his team from becoming overconfident as they head to a possible three-peat.

"You know we've tried some different things, we've taken our Bill Belichick's humble pie at times," Steele said. "We've read up on victory disease with the players and you know just always found ways to show them that anytime you feel comfortable, is a time that you are going to fall and the time that you are going to go down as a team."

"We want to improve every single day, start getting the second string guys lots of playing time because the second half is when we start winning that state championship for next year. We obviously want to win one this year but it's about building up and becoming the best we possibly can be," Zabel said.

Pierre will play at Huron on Friday.