Rider Twin Terrors

"I was born first, so I'm top dog in our twin competition level," Roosevelt senior linebacker Adam Kusler said.

Twin brothers Aaron and Adam Kusler have competed against each other since the moment they were born. Both have been fighters since their first breath.

In 2002 both Adam and Aaron were born prematurely, no bigger than the size of a hand.

"I was brought into his incubator, and there was some story with twins, that the other one kind of helps them and recover them a little bit faster and better, so you can kind of say he was my lifesaver at the end of the day," said Adam.

Fast forward 18 years and the Kusler brothers are now competing with each other on the gridiron.

"It's pretty cool to have twins on your team and we are lucky enough to have twins our team that are both really good players," said head coach Kim Nelson.

Not only are these brothers leading Roosevelt in tackles this season, but they're considered two of the best linebackers in the entire state.

"Everyday it's hard to tell them apart. I am glad that as far as I know, they don't switch numbers in practice. If they did, I wouldn't know. When they are together I can tell. but when it is just one of them coming, it takes me a little while to figure it out. I usually try one name and they will correct me if i'm wrong," Nelson said.

That competitive mentality Adam and Aaron have shared since the beginning helps them know that they will always have each other's back.

"You can't imagine anything different. I can't imagine my life without him in it, and on football field. I can depend on him and I don't have to worry about if he will do his job and I know he will trust me to do mine," Aaron said.

"Always know where he is at. I always know he;s flying around. It's kind of like, people say twin telepathy. You kind of always know exactly where he is at any given time," Adam said.

This brotherly bond isn't ending after Roosevelt's season either. Adam and Aaron will both be playing in college at South Dakota State.

"I think at end of day, it's your goal to play at the next level, at the collegiate level, and then hopefully one day in the NFL. Just to make it a reality, is just something special that no one is going to be able to take away from us. for sure we are really excited to be able to continue that next step," Adam said.

"They are both awesome players and awesome kids and we are just hoping we can get to the end, and maybe have a great finish," Nelson said.