Roosevelt Powerlifters Are Among the Nation's Best

Rough Rider junior Jasmine Greer, and senior Mason Amato started the club sport of power lifting in high school.

"The reason I joined powerlifting was just to train for football. I'm in football and track and so powerlifting is just a good way to train for other sports I think," Amato says.

"You put in your best effort, like you get in what you put out, get what you put in. So if you give 100 percent you get that back. It's a very rewarding sport," Greer says.

Last month, Greer and Amato won state championships To give you an idea how much weight these two lift. Greer dead lifts about 475lbs., squats 335lbs, and benchs 180lbs.

Amato deadlifts 680lbs, squats 585lbs., and benches about 370lbs.
Those numbers qualified the two for nationals for a second straight year.

"It's amazing because I get to represent my school and Sioux Falls and it's fun to compete against people who can lift a lot of weight," Greer says.

"It's a lot of people, you know i think it's a four day thing. It's just go go go go and it's really organized it's really nice, just lot of people," says Amato.

The two Rough Riders shined on the national stage in Louisiana.
Amato finished second, while Greer won the national title.

Now they hope this sport will continue to grow back home.

"I think we just need more women and females to go out, because at Roosevelt we have like six. Some other schools have more,but it think that's where the real growth could happen," says Greer.

"I think we need to advertise it more especially not only in our school but in the state. And I think people will recognize it more as a traditional sport," says Amato.