Roosevelt's 1-2 Punch on the Softball Field

Grace Glanzer is one of the top high school softball players in South Dakota. She's heading to South Dakota State next fall.

Macy Schrodemeier is the one of the other top ranked softball players in South Dakota. She'll be taking her talents to the University of South Dakota next year.

Those two colleges are an in state rivalry to the extremes.

"I think once we get to school, it will be kind of more of a competition then," says Glanzer.

It's like a plot line out of a movie. Too bad that right now these two more like co stars. That's right they play on the same team, the Sioux Falls Roosevelt Rough Riders.

Better yet, they play the same position.

"By far probably two of the most highly recruited girls in the state. So to have both of them pitching back-to-back games is something of an unseen moment here in this state," said Head Coach Scott Roth.

But the cliffhanger, there is no hostility, no jealousy, no negative feelings towards one another, rather a unique friendship.

"I trust Macy on the mound, just as much as anyone else," says Glanzer.

Grace and Macy both played youth ball together before taking their talents separate ways.

"We use to play together from probably 8U until 12U, and then we kind of split," said Schrodemeier.

Now their stories cross again for their senior year of high school. Grace has spent her high school career playing in a different league, keeping her from playing high school league softball, until now.

"Our other pitcher hurt her knee and was out for the whole season and so we had a gap to fill. And when I heard Grace was coming back out I was like yes, this is going to be fun," says Glanzer.

With hopes that this dynamic pitching duo can work together to bring home a state title, the fourth in five years for Roosevelt.

"With some girls there might be hostility in that wanting to be that "I want to be the best". These girls have the mentality of do whatever it takes to win and we'll do that as a team, no matter who is in what position," says Roth.

"I don't know a lot of teams that have what me and Grace have and that have been fortunate enough to work with each other and know each other and be friends for all these years and now come back together and hopefully do something special," says Glanzer.