Rugby Star Returns Home

On recent weeknight, Gannon Moore was back on the Axtell Park field in Sioux Falls, the place where he first played rugby when he was in high school at Lincoln.

"I started playing rugby when i was a freshman in high school. My brother actually brought me to this field, his rational was, rugby will make you a better football player," Moore says.

Moore was a good football player, excelling as a running back both in high school and later in college at SMSU. Then the pads came off.

"After football was said and done with, I just got back into rugby. One thing to lead to another, moved around the country a bit, I moved to New Zealand for a couple of years," says Moore.

Gannon really grew as a player living in New Zealand, where the sport of rugby is a big deal.

"The best decision I ever made was moving to New Zealand. People may try to argue with you but it's the greatest place rugby is played.
They've won the past two world cups," says Moore.

Moore has played on a number of different professional rugby teams in the states, he currently plays for Utah. He got the ultimate honor by being selected to the US National Team, who'll he'll be making a big trip with in the fall.

"My goal has been the Rugby World Cup which is this year in Japan.
That's what this whole journey has been heading towards, actually getting selected and play in the World Cup," says Moore.

Moore hopes to play in the Olympics one day, and take the sport as far as he can while in his prime.

"I just turned 29 so usually with rugby that's the best time of your rugby playing ability late 20's early 30's. So definitely still got a few years," says Moore.