SDGA explains many new golf rules for 2019

There are many new rule changes in golf this year. Tom Jansa, the executive director of the SDGA joined KSFY Morning News to explain some of the most common changes.

The biggest change in 2019 is players can now putt with the flagstick in. There is no penalty if you hit the flagstick while putting on the green. This being said, you can still take it out if you would prefer.

Another big change involves accidentally hitting your golf ball with your body or club. A penalty will no longer be issued, you just move the ball back. This also is the case if you hit yourself or your golf bag with your ball. If you hit a tree and the ball ricochets and hits you, you will not be issued a penalty.

Another big change you will see this year if you haven't already on television, dropping the ball from your shoulder when there is a penalty. You now have to drop the ball from your knee. This rule change applied for a penalty drop or a no-penalty relief.

There are many other new changes, check out the details:

New Golf Rules