SDSU's Christion Ready for NFL Shot

Taryn Christion watched the entire final day of the NFL draft with his family on Saturday.

"When rounds five six seven starting coming up, I had my phone right by me, and that call didn't come, but that's alright," says Christion.

Shortly after the draft ended, that phone started ringing with calls from teams he worked out for. The Seattle Seahawks got a hold of him first.

"As an undrafted free agent you get to pick where you go. So when they called and them being one of my top teams, was definitely a relief just a blessed feeling, just an overwhelming feeling of joy after just waiting so long that day," says Christion.

And Christion says he's been going non stop, since making that decision.

"Not running out of stuff to do, I've got to finish classes move out of my apartment. I go to Seattle on Thursday to get ready for rookie mini camp. I'm excited for that."

The Seahawks have one of the NFL's best quarterbacks in Russell Wilson who really plays a similiar type game to Taryn.

"To be a teammate of someone like that, someone I've looked up to the past few years it's pretty incredible. It's definitely a surreal feeling." says Taryn.

Now that player who's thrown for more yards than anyone else in Missouri Valley Football Conference history has to prove himself, which is nothing new in this whole process.

"I think not being invited to the combine not getting a bigger bowl game invite. things like that. My role is not to go in and be a starter like SDSU. My role is to go in work my tail off, show I can make all the throws, run an NFL offense, do all the little things right. That's going to be my role" says Christion.