Sanford athlete study to determine golf performance

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Although it is far from golf season, the Sanford Sports Science Institute has golf on its mind.

Sanford Health is funding a study to determine if there is a relationship between swing technique and golf performance.

KSFY Morning News Anchor Kamie Roesler took part in the study Monday.

"Golf has been something that's been studied for a long time by coaches, but the rigor of the scientific process hasn't been included in all the understanding we have of golf," Sanford Sports Science Institute Director Lisa MacFadden said. "So bringing that scientific process to this so that we can really dive into some of the details and better understand golf is really important."

Roughly 30 athletes participated. The goal is to help athletes in the future understand how to best improve golf performance.

KSFY News will report more once we learn the findings from this study.