Skyforce Sharp Shooter

Duncan Robinson is deadly from three point land. He's leads the League with 96 three pointers, shooting an amazing almost 50-percent from beyond the arc.

"First and foremost make shots. Prove that I can do it at a high level against good competition, and tighten up that areas of my game. Tighten up things on the defensive end, prove that I can rebound my position and guard my position. That's what's great about the G League, I can go out and prove that every night." says Robinson.

"You can pencil in 20 points every night. He does it in different ways.
When they take away the arc, he'll take it to hoop and finish." says head coach Nevada Smith.

Robinson is spending his pro rookie season as a two way player with the Miami Heat meaning he plays mainly with the Skyforce, then joins the Heat for games as well. While his time in the NBA is spent mainly on the bench, he's learning a lot.

"It's a lot of back and forth. Unfortunately in Sioux Falls there aren't a lot of direct flights. There's pretty much two flights to everywhere, but that's alright part of the experience, that's what I signed up for and you know as I said this year is about getting where I fit in." says Robinson.

The Maine native knows what it's like to be overlooked. He started his college career playing at the NCAA Division III level, before transfering to Big 10 Michigan where he helped lead the Wolverines to the NCAA national title game last year as a senior.

"That NCAA Tournament run was an experience of a lifetime. To go through that with guys you put blood sweat and tears into it, it was really special. Obviously it didn't end up the way we wanted it too." says Robinson.

For now Robinson will keep knocking down threes in Sioux Falls, playing a big role on the league's best offensive team.

"It's been a very positive experience I think it's always tough when you try to blend guys from different backgrounds, but I think we've done a good job of it so far." says Robinson.