Tough start for Renner at Central Region Tournament

Renner played the program's first ever game in the Central Plains Regional without head coach Jack Van Leur.. Because the patch on their jersey sleeve wasn't the right one.

Photo: Pixabay

"You know we didn't have the right logo on our uniforms. So it was either we take a forfeit or I got ejected so obviously you know which one I was going to take on that," said Van Leur.

The team found out about the ruling right before the game. A game they lost to Oshkosh Wisconsin, in a tight one, 4-3.

"The bad thing is, you know no one has ever said anything to us at the region or state level. So that's the unfortunate thing there. But it's nobody's fault but ourselves because it's right there in the rule book, and we had the wrong one on there," said Van Leur

The Renner team has other jerseys that have the right logo on them.
They were given the option to switch to those, however those jersey's weren't at the ballpark on Wednesday.

"To tell you the truth I wasn't a big fan of the way the commissioners came over and did it. But you know it kind of gave our boys a kickback to start the game. You know we were right there in the huddle and they informed me that I would have to be ejected from the ballgame. You know it changes the momentum. The guys are very excited to go out there and play and then something that unfortunately happens to start the game. So you know it was tough, but I think our boys responded very well. They came out there an put up two runs in the top of the first inning so you know I don't think it affected them too bad," said Van Leur.