Tri-Valley's Lamer keeping family legacy alive on the wrestling mat

As soon he could lace up his shoes, Caden Lamer was on a wrestling mat.

"It was from the start when I was four years old, my parents wanted me to get into wrestling and get into the room and have fun,” said Lamer.

Caden had plenty of idols to look up to, his family is a wrestling dynasty at Tri-Valley High School. It started with grandfather Randy, then his dad and four uncles, who paved the way to what Tri-Valley wrestling is today.

"My Uncle Chad was a really, really good wrestler in high school and throughout college, I believe he won the NCAA's three times in college and high school I think he won it twice,” said Lamer.

"His grandpa and his dad were my head coaches here at Tri-Valley back when I wrestled in high school,” said Tri-Valley Head Coach Mike Gibson.

Now it's Caden's turn.

"Just watch him on the mat and you just see the way he moves, probably the best wrestler I've ever coached, and the hardest kid I've ever had to wrestle against in practice,” Gibson said.

"I like to go until I about drop, like I don't stop, I like to make myself better in everything whether that's school or in the wrestling room practicing,” said Lamer.

This now senior is no stranger to the spotlight. He’s already earn four state titles, all four coming in different weight classes.

"The pressure is crazy I get butterflies all the time. Especially when it comes to state time, like going to sleep gets hard because you wake up with butterflies in your stomach like every night, it's stressful on you but once you accomplish something like that it's fun,” said Lamer.

The South Dakota State wrestling commit returns to the state tournament this weekend, shooting for number five.

"He's one of the hardest working kids we've got, you know he's been one of the hardest working kids I've ever coached. His determination to win is like no other I've ever seen,” sad Gibson.

As Caden takes the floor one final time for the Mustangs this weekend, he'll look to pin another title to the Lamer family legacy.

"My family and my coaching staff just push me to my limits, they push me past my comfort zone. Like I've always said, you're comfort zone will kill you, so pushing past your comfort zone will push you past anything,” said Lamer.

Lamer is wrestling at 145 pounds this year, he enters the state tournament with a 35-1 record.