USD Basketball Teams Ready for Summit League Tournament

The USD Coyote women's basketball team takes the number two seed into the Summit League Tournament. At 26-4, USD made the national rankings this season, getting as high at number 23 in the AP Poll. They're currently ranked 25th in the coaches poll.

"It's happened three times in the last two and a half decades in the Summit League. It is something that is special, it's unique, it's something at the end of the year we'll celebrate. It's something right now, we move past and recognize that it's something that's great for our fans our community our university." says USD women's coach Dawn Plitzuweit.

It's likely that the Coyotes will meet top seed South Dakota State for the women's championship, again. What's different this year is the speculation that both the Coyotes and Jacks will get into the NCAA Tournament, regardless of the outcome of the title game.

"We've talked about this before we want that decision to be our own.
You don't want to rely on anyone else to make that happen for us." says Chloe Lamb.

"I think if you ask them and you ask us we both want to earn our way there. We don't necessarily want to leave it up to chance." says Ciara Duffy.

On the men's side, USD is the number six seed but they are healthy and finished the regular season strong winning four of five with their only loss, in a close game at SDSU.

"We do feel good but I've coached in so many of these league tournaments, and when it's a one bid league like the Summit is, anybody can get hot, anybody in our league can beat anybody I really believe that it's just a balanced league." says USD men's coach Todd Lee.

"I'm definitely a strong believer that you should be playing your best basketball at the end of the season rather than too early and I think we've found ourselves and we're playing pretty well. It says we're a 6th seed but I think we've played our best the past few weeks and we've found our identity and stuff." says Trey-Burch Manning.