USD's Duffy Ready for NCAA Tournament

All was ordinary at today's practice before the Yotes first round game in the NCAA Tournament.

Ciara Duffy - is ready to go.

"She is a young lady who is very determined. She is doing everything she can from a rehab standpoint. We anticipate her to be ready to go." says head coach Dawn Plitzuweit.

When asked about it earlier - Duffy had little to say, other than pointing out that she's ready to play.

"The rehab is going well, and I am healing quickly." says Duffy.

She went on to say there's almost nothing that could keep her from this game...and that's good news for her coach, teammates and the fans.

"Ciara is a young lady who is really a prototype for our style of play. She can play a one through five for us. She can defend multiple position, and so we rely on her to do an awful lot for us because she can play any position on the offensive end and defend any position on the defensive end." says Plitzuweit.