WBB: Jacks Take Highest Seed Ever into NCAA Tournament

SDSU is heading to their ninth NCAA Tournament at the Division One level. And they have their highest ever seed at number six.

"Six seed is phenomenal. It is such a hard thing to do when you start to look at the other six seeds, the fives the sevens, you're in some pretty good company there. That means that you've had to have an exceptional year." says head coach Aaron Johnston.

"It's just such a big honor for our program and for this team. Just speaks to how special this team and it's a big honor not only for the women's basketball program but for the university to have our team seeded so high." says senior Madison Guebert.

The Jacks will play a fellow mid-major in 11-seed Quinnipiac, a good defensive team on a 21 game win streak. This is their programs fifth Big Dance. They went to the Sweet 16 in 2017.

"They've been in the NCAA Tournament a lot. They've won games in the tournament so they know what it takes to be successful. And so from that standpoint they're two similiar teams. Different seeds but there's really not that much difference between the two of us." says Johnston.

"Every team there is really good, you can't look at seeds you know they want to upset you, you want to make a run in the tournament...you just have to be playing your best basketball." says senior Macy Miller.

"The coaches are going to do a great job of scouting and getting that ready for us but then sticking to our system, sticking to what we know and just play our best basketball." says junior Tagyn Larson.

The Jacks go into the tourney on a 16 game win streak.
Two different times in the programs history, they've been a shot away from the Sweet 16. They hope this is the year that happens.

"I'd say just not being content I guess, because it's our senior year.
One and done, you could done at any time and I think we can make a good run in this tournament." says Miller.

"You know I just love these opportunities to play again and it's hard. You have to play well to move on and if you don't it's over." says Johnston.