WBB: USD-Clemson Preview

STARKVILLE, Miss. (KSFY) - Looking at the Tigers - Coyotes match-up - right away you will notice Clemson's height. The team's leading scorer, Kobi Thornton is 6'2. Another starter, Tylar Bennett is 6'4, this while South Dakota's tallest player in Hannah Sjerven at 6'2 comes off the bench. Height though might not make a difference tomorrow.

"I think with Clemson, they like to put a lot of pressure on with their defense. I think with us the goal is to stay poised, work on our passes, just the basics, but do them really well," USD senior Allison Arens said.

"They're a quick team on both sides of the floor. They like to dive. They like to get scrappy. We need to stay composed and play our game which is dominate the paint," Clemson senior Simone Westbrook said.

"We're looking forward to the challenge tomorrow. It's been fun and terrifying learning about them. I admire their program," Clemson head coach Amanda Butler said.

"Certainly we have a great challenge ahead of us with Clemson. They are very athletic. They are very good at turning their opponents over and getting out in transition, and great at half court in finding ways to maximize their athleticism." USD head coach Dawn Plitzuweit said.

"I think one of the trendy terms in basketball now is position-less basketball. You don't really see it in its truest form in college basketball, but they really do. They all can bring up the basketball, they all post up, they all shoot the three," Butler said.