Where Are They Now? - Mike Steffen

In 2004, Stickney/Mount Vernon standout Mike Steffen was one of the five players selected for the cover that year.

"At the time I was extremely honored, humbled, I mean its a big deal to me and it was a big deal at the time to get some publicity and any time you can get some publicity at that stage, that's how you make it to the next level." says Steffen.

The quarterback and defensive back led the Knights that season and Mike was playing for his dad, Stickney/Mount Vernon head coach Myron Steffen.

"Big part of growing up, from the time I could probably walk, I was at a high school football field and that is one unique thing that a lot of guys don't have is their dad as their high school coach. So I feel extremely blessed with that." says Mike.

After high school, Mike went on to play wide receiver at South Dakota State.

"Had a great experience there. Played five years of football and was fortunate enough to play a little bit of basketball so enjoyed my time there." says Mike.

These days, Steffen works as a financial planner. He has an Edwards Jones office on Main Street in Mitchell.

"This industry is very competitive, and I was looking for something that was similar to athletics, something where you can get in front of people and help people." says Steffen.

He's still around the game. working as an assistant coach for McCook Central/Montrose in Salem where he lives.

"Growing up having a coach in the family, it was something that I always wanted to do. So the little bit of free time I have I enjoy volunteering. I'm a volunteer coach so I get over there as much as can and its just great to still be around the game." says Mike.