Wrapping up the Sanford International

On Sunday afternoon a winner was crowned as thousands of fans flooded the greens in Sioux Falls.

On Monday though, silence at Minnehaha Country Club.
After years of planning and preparation pieces are beginning to be disassembled.

Because what comes up, must come down.

“We thought it would be big, but I’m really impressed with Sioux Falls and the community, and the Dakotas. We will continue to work hard and make it better. But for the first year, I would say we should get a passing grade here,” said tournament director Greg Conrad.

“To get all these people on the same page, and to finally go through what we went through this week with all the water and all the problems we had, that’s pretty cool,” said golf legend Andy North.

Over the five-day stretch of the tournament not only was millions of dollars raised, but that with brings even more money to the city of Sioux Falls.

“We promised to bring millions of dollars of economic impact and I think we will get there. I think we have driven some money into the state that otherwise wouldn’t be here,” said Conrad.

Even though the competition may be over, there’s no break for planners. They are already looking ahead to the Sanford International in 2019.

“We’re certainly not giving up, we’re not taking our foot off the gas pedal, but we’re going to keep going. I think we started out well,” said Conrad.

The Sanford International is on a five-year contract with Minnehaha Country Club. Officials hope to make the tournament bigger and better for years to come.

“You stand up on the hillside and you start to envision and see other things… that we can do better, and that planning starts now,” said Conrad.

After three years of planning, players are taking notice.
“I’m sad that Minneapolis lost the champions tour up there. What a place to bring it to. I think you have a tremendous home run in the process here,” said pro golfer Dave Stockton.

The 2019 Sanford International 2019 is September 16-22 next year.