Aberdeen visitor's bureau executive director to resign

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ABERDEEN - The Convention and Visitor's Bureau is passionate about Aberdeen. And the incoming executive director's vision must align the group's goal to bring more tourists to Aberdeen.

Brenda Moore has been involved with the bureau since 1996. When she took over as director in 2011, they've seen an increase in convention bids, as well as the number of visitors that travel to Hub City. As she heads out, she remembers the people who've made this possible.

"We're a close group state-wide, with the state directors and the state department of tourism," says Moore. "So it's a close-knit group, we're a small enough group where everyone knows each other."

Moore says Aberdeen has plenty to offer guests whether it be entertainment, restaurants or lodging. In order to see better visitor numbers in the future, the CVB needs to work harder to make the city's presence known for travelers.

"Sometimes we're the first people that they get to talk to," says Moore. "So we really have to get on top of our game. To get people to come and visit, because if they come to visit the first time, they'll maybe come back and be a resident."

As for Moore's replacement, the search committee is looking for a person with fresh ideas and plans to better market Hub City.

"I think more events, more conventions, just get the word out of everything that Aberdeen has to offer," says Jerry Glatt, the Convention and Visitor's Bureau president. "We have a lot of great things going for us in the community."