Autopsy results presented during Patterson trial

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CANTON - The first week of the Joseph Patterson trial comes to an end as several witnesses take the stand.

Patterson is accused of killing his girlfriend's two-year-old son Tyrese Ruffin while in his care.

It was the autopsy results explained by a forensic doctor which was too much to bear for some.

Several doctors already stated in court that Ty's injuries and unconsciousness were simultaneous.

The defense raised the question that Ty possibly could have been injured before he was in Patterson's care.

October 9, 2013, Ashley Doohen drops her son off at daycare in the morning, and picks him up after work.

Sioux Falls daycare provider Marilyn Knurck took the witness stand and told the court she never witnessed any accidents by Ty.

She herself admitted two kids suffered injuries while in her care.

The defense took her testimony and ran with it to raise doubt that Ty could possibly have been injured at daycare.

Knurck tearfully remembers the last day she saw Tyrese.

She said that day he was going to leave, when his mom Ashley showed up, he didn't want to go and clung to her like he'd never done before.

Knurck said she told Ty it would be "OK" and she'd see him tomorrow, but that was the last time she saw Ty alive.

The defense asked why Knurck only cries when the prosecution addresses her, to which she replied because you don't talk about Ty.

The court also heard a Sioux Falls police sergeant and officer testify, as well as a pediatric ophthalmologist on Friday.

It was the autopsy results explained by a forensic doctor which was too much to bear for some.

Doohen left the courtroom before any autopsy photos of her son Tyrese were shown in court.

The pictures of the two-year-old were visibly upsetting, not only to family members, but to a few jurors as well who could be seen wiping away tears.

Forensic pathologist, Dr. Donald Habbe walked the court through his findings.

He showed several images of the young boy and his injuries.

Several bruises including ones found on his right ear -- upper chest and right thigh.

Dr. Habbe highlighted four points of impact on Ty's brain.

Patterson's defense team suggests there could be other causes for bleeding on the brain.

Ty's choking on a strawberry fruit snack, or possibly a previous unknown injury.

the doctors said tests showed the areas of hemorrhaging were all recent, and all the result of a blunt force.

The defense claims Patterson was out of the room at the time of Ty's choking, that he found him unconscious after leaving him for just a few minutes to use the restroom.

When asked if choking could cause such injuries, Dr. Habbe emphatically said "no."