UPDATE: Brant Lake votes to become South Dakota's newest town

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BRANT LAKE - UPDATE: Voters in three neighborhoods north of Chester township have spoken - they will become South Dakota's newest town.

Voters approved a measure to incorporate by a 61-9 vote total.


Two miles north of Chester, a community on Brant Lake may become South Dakota's newest city.

85 eligible voters can cast their vote Tuesday to decide whether the north side of the lake will become its own city; the main reason for doing so are the roads.

"It's just so nice to have the ice gone and think we have survived another winter," said Dave Landry, a resident of Brant Lake in the Chester township.

Landry built his home on Brant Lake in 1992. Back then, it was one of only a few homes on the stretch of land. Today, there's more than a dozen.

"The money that's going to the township now has to cover a lot of area and unfortunately the population is more concentrated right around the lake -- so our roads get used a lot more. So we maintain our own roads in addition to paying the county and township taxes, so this will allow us to better provide maintenance for the roads and upgrade them," said Landry.

"We were the first residents to move out here 28, going on 29 years ago," said Karen Reiff, the precinct superintendent.

Reiff says she wants to put the money that would usually go to the township into her own community.

"Just to preserve what we have and hopefully improve --our gravel roads needs work. There's a lot of traffic on our roads. A lot more people have become permanent residents, rather than just seasonal," said Reiff.

Polls are open until 7 pm Tuesday.