Celebrating Laura Ingalls Wilder at LauraPalooza 2015

It's a celebration of all things Laura Ingalls wilder. LauraPalooza 2015 honors the literary, cultural and historic impact of the pioneer woman and her 'Little House' series of books.

The 4-day event on the campus of South Dakota State in Brookings is the only one of its kind.

"We're a group that likes to bring together people interested in Laura Ingalls Wilder, her history and family, and those doing real deep research so we can understand better the impact she's had on the country and around the globe," LauraPalooza 2015 Co-Chair Barb Mayes Boustead said.

Some event go'ers are here from as far away as England and Japan.

"The real story really attracted us to know and the pioneer spirit and the family bond," Japanese visitor Yumiko Taniguchi said.

Those who research and write about the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder instantly become a community. One that is fascinated by her life on the northern plains.

"Laura told us that life is an adventure, even if she had so many hardships. She enjoyed every minute of it. Laura knew it was an adventure, it was really appealing to us," Taniguchi said

"It's amazing how pervasive Laura Ingalls Wilder is and how ingrained she is in the fabric and culture of our country. It's amazing to learn how that stretch in that other countries as well. We're surprised and fascinated how far reaching the impact and her words really was," Mayes Boustead said.

This is the third event since 2010. The first two were held in Mankato, Minnesota. Saturday, the event wraps up with a group field trip to De Smet.