DMV technical difficulties create long lines at Minnehaha County Treasurer's office

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SIOUX FALLS - A change in DMV software settings sent some county computers off line for several hours today.

It created some long lines and maybe some short tempers at county treasurer offices across the state.

Hardly anyone enjoys waiting in a long line.

One man today who found a way to benefit from the delay at the Minnehaha County treasurers office.

For him, the DMV computer glitch was his lucky day.

The line for the Minnehaha Country Treasurer's office stretched after a DMV server crash Friday.

Motorist Becky Marroquin said "patience is a virtue."

For those without it, many just gave up and left. but not Jo and Randy Garner. This computer glitch was their lucky day, and their timing was everything.

Motorist Randy Garner said "it was perfect, we came in on our lunch break, got in and out on our lunch break, the line got quite a bit shorter."

But for Minnehaha County treasurer Pam Nelson, these technical difficulties couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Minnehaha County treasurer Pam Nelson said "that new law changes on April 1st, fees go up 20 percent, that doesn't help. I did have a lot of people who were down here, that were June, July renewals, but you can only renew 90 days out, so may would be the farthest out you could go."

"So you have people who are trying to save the 20 percent, so there are probably more people here today, than there would have ordinarily been, it was just a bad time for an issue," Nelson added.

After several hours, the computers were back online, and frustrated drivers got the call to the window they were waiting for.

"I'm not angry, I'm just relieved I'm done, I can go home now," Marroquin said.

All hope is not lost to avoid higher fees for anyone who was tired of the wait and left.

"How long would you be willing to wait in line? I mean after a couple hours, some people decided they'd try a different day, and you still do have Monday and Tuesday," Nelson said.

Many people arrived at the county administration building as early as 8 a.m. Friday morning to get a jump start on their registration.

Some waited for several hours, but system was back up to pay those fees after noontime.

Changes made to a software setting prevented some counties from connecting to the DMV computer system, while other counties, DMV self-service and online functioned normally.